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Proudly Serving Families of Greater New York Community since 2010

Here at New York Caskets, we strive to make your funeral casket purchasing decision as smooth and hassle free as possible. Since 2010, we have offered a large selection of the highest quality caskets at affordable discount prices. With a wide variety of caskets for sale in our collection, you can feel confident you will find one that will honor your loved one with the respect that they deserve.

Customers have trusted us to deliver their funeral order on-time, every time. We realize that there is no room for error when is comes to timely delivery. Place your order no later than noon Central Standard Time, and we will get it to you (or the funeral home) no later than 5pm the next business day.

Use us, remember us, recommend us. Let us take care of your family during the toughest times of life.

Do not tell the funeral home about purchasing our casket before you get their itemized funeral price list.

Call Us before talking to any funeral home, because everything you tell the funeral home affects your funeral pricing. We will tell you what to say.

We work to provide the Comforting, Respectful Assistance you need


  • Quality you can Trust

    Quality you can trust Superb Caskets –Choice materials, elegant design, artisinanal construction, detailed finishing…the exact same caskets found on funeral home showrooms. Value & Savings Manage costs when you buy direct, and avoid expensive funeral home packages. Commitment to Service Outstanding & dignified customer care, just when you need it most.

  • Funeral Assistance

    funeral-assistanceAssert your rights to pay what YOU WANT for funeral products & services –avoid the costly sales tactics that are used to inflate costs, add unnecessary services, & take advantage of you during a difficult time. Since 1984 the Federal Trade Commission has allowed consumers to legally provide their own funeral goods without duress from their funeral home. Learn more about your rights on funeral products & how to save money

  • Showroom Spotlight

    Showroom Spotlight Quality Products –The same caskets you see in the showroom! Great value –Save your family hundreds of dollars versus buying from the funeral home. Exceptional Service –Our Friendly staff awaits your call and will give you the information you need.

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